Opening of the new Kadampa Meditation Center Austria

From 25.-27. We cordially invite you to attend our events for the opening of our new premises in Vienna’s 4th district, Schleifmühlgasse 15.

Finally the time has come and our new Kadampa Meditation Center in Vienna’s 4th district opens its doors! We look forward to your visit for our opening weekend!

Viennese Sangha before the beginning of the reconstruction.

Viennese Sangha before the beginning of the reconstruction.

On Friday, September 25th, there will be a free lecture on the subject of „Mit Leichtigkeit leben“ with our center teacher and Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Palden. Learn how we can train our minds to use life’s challenges as opportunities for growth and development.

At the „Open House“ on Saturday, September 26th, you will find guided tours of the center, information about the Buddhist Kadampa tradition and short guided meditations.

The workshop „Wie wir glücklich leben können“ will take place on Sunday, September 27th. Here is how you can use Buddhist teachings to make deep joy and happiness a part of your daily ife.

Come to Vienna and be part of Venerable Geshe-la’s vision for World Peace. Be there, when Geshe-la’s kindness and many helping hands manifest a new center for the people of this modern world. Become a part of the Austrian Sangha and experience Vienna first hand.

If you want to support this wonderful project, you can

  • make a donation to a specific part of the new commercial space, for example chairs for the new meditation room (info below).
  • help practically at the building site.
  • pray for the flourishing of Kadam Dharma and that all obstacles are pacified.

For questions about the project and possibilities for support please contact: Kelsang Parchin | Email:

We are currently looking for sponsors for the following projects and have created a wishlist:
Thank you for your support!

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What’s happened so far…

July 2020 update: Wooden structures and walls were erected

The wooden structures and walls were erected by the carpenter at the beginning of July. Many hard-working helpers of the Viennese Sangha helped this weekend to finish the center as soon as possible. Filling, painting, priming and cleaning. The new centre is slowly taking shape and will hopefully open in September 2020.

May 2020 update: First tour of the new center

Our new Kadampa meditation center is slowly taking shape. In this video Kelsang Parchin shows you the status of our wonderful project in May 2020.

January 2020 update: Finally warm

Good news! The underfloor heating is now installed and running; and the windows are now sealed to keep out the cold. Much to the joy of our hard-working volunteers it’s finally warm in our new Kadampa Meditation Center! Please Enjoy the recent video update from January:

November 2019 update: Moving forward

Viennese Kadampas are joyfully preparing the new city temple.
Please enjoy this short video update from the construction site …

June 2019 update: 20 tons of rubble & 20 strong helpers!
4 wheel chests, 10 buckets and 20 helpers!

In the middle of June we worked hard – a total of 20 tons of rubble from the old concrete floor were disposed of and removed from the new (future) Kadampa Meditation Centre in Vienna. Active support came especially from Munich.

The reconstruction work of the new Kadampa Meditation Centre in the 4th district of Vienna is slowly taking on visible forms. In a few months the new centre in Schleifmühlgasse 15, 1040 Vienna will be opened soon, but there is still a lot to do. Therefore last Saturday the Viennese Sangha made some effort to prepare this precious centre. The extensive renovation work has begun and we are now all working together to transform this place into a wonderful centre.

Help from Germany

Support for this came especially from Bavaria: 7 members of the Kadampa Meditation Center Munich took on the more than 5-hour drive to Vienna. Thus, a total of 20 people were braved by the summer heat and building dust and filled two complete troughs with rubble. „It is wonderful to see how, with the help of so many people involved, we were able to make great progress on the construction site in a single day,“ enthused monk Gen Kelsang Palden. (I think most of you know me)

Sightseeing & Sachertorte as a reward

As a reward for their efforts, the next day they explored summery Vienna. From the Hofburg we went to St. Stephen’s Cathedral and then to the Vienna Opera before we completed a ride with the Ringtram at the end of the tour. In between, of course, Viennese coffee and Sachertorte were not to be missed. „In spite of the work it was a lot of fun to participate in the construction of the centre and to contribute a small part to the fact that Vienna will soon have an even more beautiful place of relaxation and inner peace“, Kadam Holger (Resident Teacher of the KMC Munich) beamed immediately before the trip home to Munich.

Photos from June, 2019

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