Drop-in meditation class

with Gen Kelsang Palden

Three methods to develop our compassion and wisdom

In this series we will receive practical advice on how to solve our daily problems, such as our frustration, uncontrolled cravings and ignorance re reality, through the guidance of Geshe Kelsang Gyatso’s text Mirror of Dharma with additsions, and thus find meaning and fulfilment.

This series is based on a famous Buddhist poem written 600 years ago by the extraordinary spiritual teacher and founder of the New Kadampa Lineage, Je Tsongkhapa. Gen Palden will present both the depth and practicality of Je Tsongkhapa’s teachings for our times.

By attending this series, each of us can have the practical experience of these insights for ourselves. This meditation series is a source of inspiration for all who seek guidance within Buddhism to make your life meaningful and joyful. It is recommended for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


08.09. How to Be Happy Every Day – a blessed and fortunate life
15.09. Understanding Death and Rebirth
22.09. Karma: The Power to Create the Life You Want
29.09. Overcoming our Dissatisfaction and constant cravings
06.10. Understanding and transforming our fears
13.10. Gaining real freedom
10.10. Living authentically with an open heart

Discover our meditation classes at Kadampa Meditation Centre Austria

You will find out many inspiring tips on how to turn the problems of everyday life into challenges and bring ease & joy into our lives. The evenings are suitable for beginners and experienced practioners and include a guided breathing meditation to relax, explanations on the topic as well as a concluding guided meditation on the topic and practical suggestions on how to integrate these insights into our everyday life. No previous experience is necessary.

Everybody welcome.

The Teacher

These classes are taught by Gen Kelsang Palden, a German Buddhist monk and the resident teacher at Kadampa Meditation Centre Austria.

Gen Palden is an experienced practitioner and inspires people to study and practice Buddhism.